Advantages And Characteristics Of Environmental Protection Table Cloth

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Environmental protection dining table cover, PVC surface material with two layers of repression, and the flower type is bright. If you accidentally the oil water and other things drop on it, only need a wipe with a rag, simple and practical.

On the back is the flannel material, increase the friction with the desktop, and let the desktop is not easy to slide off, at the same time, the flannel can reduce the collision voice between the dinnerware and desktop voice.

PVC anti-grease dining room tablecloth manufacturers, PVC household disposable tablecloth factory, surface has the dark pattern, can increase the friction, beautiful and practical.

The unique edge, prevent crack, increase the beautiful sight, extend the service life.

Exquisite packaging,good for self use or send as a gift.

Waterproof and oil resistant, stained with dirty water stains, paper towels easily clean and will be show as a new tablecloth.

Heat insulation, high temperature resistance, high temperature molding products up to 190 DEG C, the daily high nature temperature be nothing difficult.

Non toxic no smell, environmental protection PVC material, non-toxic, no pollution, aging, more environmentally friendly and more natural.

Soft and anti slip, soft products can be more effective to prevent the tableware scratch your desktop, and more effective anti slip.

Long life, service life is more than three times to ordinary meal pad, compared to cloth products, it will not be moldy.

Characteristics Of Environmental Protection Table Cloth
Advantages And Characteristics Of Environmental Protection Table Cloth

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