How To Choose The Suitable Environmental Tablecloth?

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Environmental protection table cloth now is widely used, Not only can protect the table, but also to add color to life,today I would like to introduce how to choose the right environmental protection table cloth.

Now on the market the classic tablecloth are generally divided into cloth products, plastic products, plastic products.The plastic has the advantages of good waterproof effect and easy cleaning, so the plastic tablecloth is favored by people.

Vice president in an interview with reporters, the International Food Packaging Association Dong Jinshi, Huicong plastic net, a lot of plastic, PVC tablecloth with PVC plastic cover material, although itself is non-toxic, but in vinyl chloride heat will release toxic,and can cause liver cancer.If adding plasticizer vinyl chloride , also contain heavy metals lead and chromium, especially under high temperature will adsorb the food oil and sweat, harmful to human health.And to the colorful tablecloths, due to the addition of a variety of pigments, become food, is not conducive to good health.We also suggest that we should not use plastic products tablecloths, if you must use, be sure to pay attention to the table cloth material,if the material is polyethylene please don't buy, choose polypropylene material will be more secure.Compared,the natural fabric quality more secure, it does not contain chemicals, clean up is also more convenient.

Also need to be reminded that in the use of the process of the table cloth should be noted,try not to let the food directly contact with the tablecloth, especially the high temperature and high oil.In addition, if the tablecloth appears hardening, cracking, etc., do not use.Table cloths tend to lose some food residue, but a simple wipe can not cleaning completely. For a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, mold, food, hands, all kinds of tableware may be caught, thus affecting health. If you are worried that the table was burned, it may be possible to use insulation pad, high temperature, fire retardant marble material, and wood products with special treatment is also a good choice.

Everyone in the choice of environmental protection should be based on the content of these films, and choose their own suitable tablecloth to use.
How To Choose The Suitable Environmental Tablecloth?

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