Correct Use of Tablecloths Adds a Touch of Beauty

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Whether in the study, bedroom or restaurant, a good tablecloth adds a touch of beauty to the indoor environment when coordinating with it. As a supporting role, the tablecloth and table runner, however, should be best made of jacquard cloth with simple yet elegant colors to avoid being eye-catching and noticeable. Of the colors, plain colors are as popular as before.

The material of the table should be closely coordinated with the color of the tablecloth. When selecting the color of the tablecloth, one can opt for some relatively bold colors which won't leave a discordant and abrupt expression to people. In addition, the use of some ornaments can add a feeling of elegance to the whole home environment .

Remember not to select tablecloths and table runners of rough texture and vulgar pattern, or they will ruin the good household taste.
Correct Use of Tablecloths Adds a Touch of Beauty

It may kind of out of politeness to use old tablecloth when guests come by. For this contingency, one can prepare in advance some clean tablecloths of plain or natural colors instead of expensive ones. The white tablecloth with embroidery on it will be perfect. Also, one can stitch some embroidery and image of flowers on the place where it get broken.

Prepare some preferred (or similar) patterns of tablecloths for daily use. It's more suitable to prepare a similar pattern of tablecloths one likes than different patterns of tablecloths, for it's the one pattern of tablecloths usually used that really relaxes oneself although it's also believed that different patterns of tablecloths can bring one positive feelings.

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