How to Care for A Vinyl Tablecloth

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Vinyl tablecloths is common to see in every day life and many of them are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Vinyl tablecloth protect kitchen and dining tables from spills. Some of the vinyl tablecloths also with a flannel backing which help keep them from sliding back and forth when in real use. With the development of modern technology, there are a variety of vinyl table covers on market with nice price. Vinyl tablecloths require little care to keep them clean and in good shape. There are some tips for you.

First: wipe the vinyl side with a soapy, damp rag or sponge. If the both side are vinyl, clean the under side table cloth in the same manner.

Second: clean the vinyl tablecloth with mild kitchen cleaner when there is stubborn stains on the table cover. Then rinse and wipe the stains with a wet rag or sponge.

Third: Wash a vinyl tablecloth with a flannel backing with laundry detergent and use cold water. You can also wash it by hand if you're worried it may become damaged in the washer. Tumble the table covers so as to prevent it from wrinkling.

Fourth: Iron wrinkled vinyl tablecloths on the coolest setting. You'd better place a pillowcase in between the iron and tablecloth to prevent scorching when ironing the vinyl side.  Pay attention that ironing process should be short. Also lifting up frequently to prevent table cloth scorching.

Fifth: Roll up your tablecloth to store it rather than folding, especially if it is prone to wrinkles. Store it in an area away from high humidity where mold could become an issue.
How to Care for A Vinyl Tablecloth

How to Care for A Vinyl Tablecloth

How to Care for A Vinyl Tablecloth

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