How To Choose Your Perfect Tablecloth

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It is important to ensure you know the dimensions of the table you wish to cover when you looking to buy a new tablecloth. After all, what would be worse than finding the perfect tablecloth only to discover that you didn't know what size to buy? This would leave you with the following dilemma: Do you buy it anyway and hope for the best or decide to leave it and go away empty handed.

Before you start your shopping trip, make sure you are properly prepared to solve this problem. Doing your homework first for you get all the necessary data at your disposal to make an informed choice to make sure you do find the right tablecloth. This will help to reduce the element of risk in terms of sizing.

Measuring your tablecloth is of course, not the only consideration. It is equally important to know how much fabric should be left at each end in order to create an overhang. Doing so will make sure that once you have got your carefully measured tablecloth home, it fits perfectly and creates the right impression.

There are two basic steps involved when it comes to measuring your table in order to get the right table cloth measurements. As part of this guide, we will walk and talk you through them to make sure you get the perfect size for your table.

Step One

The first thing to do is measure the width of your table, making sure that allow for an extra 40cm (20cm on each side) to overhang the sides of the table. Always remember to check the width of the tablecloth fabric against the width of your table. Providing it is wider, the material can be trimmed accordingly. If it is too narrow, then it will not cover the table adequately.

Step Two

Repeat step one but this time measure the table length. Remember to leave the same 40cm (20cm each side) overhang to make sure that the tablecloth has an equal drop on each side.

For instance, if you had a table that measured 2 metres by 1 metre, the amount of fabric you would require for your tablecloth would be approximately 2.5 metres.

By following these simple steps, it will help to make sure that when you buy your next tablecloth, the chances of getting it wrong are greatly minimised.

So, what are you waiting for?  Why don't you give it a try now and take a look through some of the excellent table covers. All you need to do is find the tablecloth you desire from our excellent range and use your newly created measurements to find one that will look amazing on your table.

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