Seven Roles of Automotive Films

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To reduce heat loss
The quality explosion-proof automotive films can effectively reduce the heat loss in the car by about 34% in winter..

To filter the bright light
The automotive films can effectively filter the bright light and the dazzling light from the other car when two cars meet at night, thus increasing comfort and safety.

To block ultraviolet rays
Ultraviolet rays are the main factor in the light spectrum that causes burns, skin cancer, color fading and corroding of automobile dashboards, seats and textiles.

To keep personal safety
With the window glass accidentally broken, the explosion-proof and heat-insulating automotive films can stick the broken glass to its original place, thus protecting people from the broken glass and increasing the risk prevention capacity of accidents, storms and other disasters.

To block heat
The special explosion-proof and heat-insulating automotive films can block 50-85% of the heat from the sun, significantly lowing the temperature in the car and increasing the comfort.

To enhance anti-theft
The explosion-proof and heat-insulating automotive films with the special structure and superior adhesion can greatly increase the hardness of the glass and resistance against outside attacks, thus making the necessary time of thefts prolonged. Researches show that it will take longer from several seconds to dozens of seconds to crush a glass window when such automotive film is attached to it. According to police statistics, 10 seconds is enough to make thieves panic and then quit.

To have good privacy
Many car owners have a high demand for privacy. Some special automotive films have a good one-way perspective function-- through several physical reflections of light on the outside--so that people cannot see clearly the inside due to the reflections.

Other roles of automotive films
Automotive films with the heat insulation and sun blocking roles can reduce the local heat and make people more comfortable in the car.

Automotive films with the ultraviolet blocking role can protect one's eyes and skin.

Automotive films with the low reflection role inside the car can give a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

Automotive films with the filtering the bright light role can increase the visual comfort and reduce eye strain.

Automotive films with the explosion-proof role can increase the hardness of the window glass and safety.

Automotive films can beautify the car and add more value to it.

Seven Roles of Automotive Films

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