The Dos And Don'ts About Automotive Film

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1, To prevent dirt in the film, don't pull the edge of the film using your nails or sharp objects;
2, Bubble found, go to the professional auto beauty shop within 24 hours;
The Dos And Don’ts About Automotive Film
3, Don't roll your car's window down in 3-5 days to prevent an upturned film after completing it .
4, Don't attach any tag directly to the film;
5, Prepare an ultra-fine piece of fiber cloth of high adsorption for daily wiping.
6, Don't hang any sucker dolls and other objects on the window within a month after completing the film;
7, Cloudy mist found between the film and and the window glass, please do not worry and it will naturally dry away in 2-3 weeks;
8, Use lint-free cloth and other soft items to clean the film in 2-3 weeks after completing the car window film with detergent in water. Be careful not to blender sand or sharp particles in water so as not to scratch the film surface. Also, water with amino for cleaning isn't allowed.
9, To avoid unecessary mistakes, pay attention to the local automobile inspection policies and regulations and remember to leave a triangle area the front window where there is no film. The law in Beijing ordains light transmittance of cars should live up to 70%.
10, Go to the automobile control department to take pictures if the film's color differs from the car's original color, otherwise you won't pass the annual automobile inspection.

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